About Me

 Hi Guys my name is Steve Klima, and M-1 helmets are one of my main passions. I have been collecting militaria since I was old enough to ride my bike about 2 miles to the local surplus store. Over time that has become focused on M-1 helmets. I believe the M-1 helmet is one of the most iconic items that can be related to the WW2 GI, Soldier, Marine etc. Painted and of course paratrooper helmets of WW2 are my main focus of collecting, but I am always buying and selling helmets and helmet parts from many different time periods. I am also one of those guys that often has to let go of a top end item to be able to purchase that next big item. This is where my site comes in. Here you will find several different items related to the m-1 helmet whether it be liners, liner parts, chinstraps,and nets etc. There will also be other items there as well such as field gear and TR items as I acquire them. Anyhow, please check it out. Its nothing fancy, but I feel it is simple enough and easy to navigate. Also feel free to send a message if you are looking for anything in particular especially relating to the M-1. Just because it's not on here doesn't mean I don't have it. Thanks for visiting and I hope you find something you like!